Thursday, June 10, 2010



It feels unreal. *crying*
Akimoto-san's been telling me that since expectations are really high for me so I won't be able to go any higher. *crying* So I've been thinking how should I become better to become the MVP. I have always been second so I thought that this year would be no exception. But this is such an honor. Last year I asked the fans who voted for me to support me. Even Tokumitsu-san supported me. But this year being able to get the first place, I'm not asking for more support for myself. I'm asking everyone, please follow me.

We are working hard so that AKB48 can shine as the number one idol group in Japan so please support us! I think everyone has feelings of regret and everyone from ABK48, SKE48 and SDN48 wants to go even further. Please keep cheering us on!

Narrator1: How did you feel when you heard Maeda Atsuko being called for second place?

I am not sure if I'll be able to do it. *in a crying voice*
I've been watching Acchan from the side all the time. I have always felt that she has such a huge pressure on her. I always had the role to support her. I'm really grateful for this place getting 1st place I'll have to really get my act together and work hard. I'll do me best.

Narrator1: What would you say to your friends as the winner of the election? (the other members)

Let's have a fun time together... *laughing at her own comment* I dunno...

Narrator1: It was really good. That's how it's supposed to be!
Narrator2: Right? It's a simple but a really important thing! Last year you had a high fever and was little shaky and it was pretty hard. But this year you are here in great shape, aren't you?

Yes, last year I was really a wreck. I'm really happy that this year I can show my healthy and energetic side to everyone.

Narrator1: Now thanks to the support of all the fans you could get 1st place. Could you talk a little about how you feel, being able to be part of AKB48 and about your satisfaction today?

Yes AKB48 is different from other groups in that we have this severe selection. We have live performances everyday which we show to fans everyday. And we are trying to be a group of idols who the fans can meet... Uhm what was the question again?
Ah how I feel being able to be part of AKB... We have surprises everyday and thus we have a lot of fun and I'm very happy as long as I can spend my youth being part of it since AKB can change even the hard times to fun times.


Everyone thank you very much!
Uhmm I really hate losing so honestly it's disappointing. Also I'm a little bit relieved. I think that in the end I wasn't cut out for being the first place. Last year after getting first place I thought that being in that position I must try the hardest to push AKB...

But... *crying* seems like I couldn't do a good job at it.
*fans shouting stuff like "you're the number one for me"*
Thank you so much.

This year... So it's like this. I couldn't meet your expectations last year. But being here for the 5th year and being a 1st generation member I still feel like I have to push the members. *crying*

I'm sorry. I want to do my best this year also in this place. I feel like I'll have to work even harder to get the recognition of even more fans so that maybe I'll be able to get back first place. (note: she uses the word "revenge" but in japanese it's not such a strong word and they use it in sports a lot when a defending champion loses first place and wants to get it back next time.)

And if I do get back to first place I'm confident that I'll be able to push AKB48 a lot more. Everyone, thank you very much!


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